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Sep 20, 2011


Grafin vom Bandorfer-Forst x Bosco vom Red-Rock


Grafin vom Bandorfer-Forst:
Color: Brsch

DOB: 18.12.2007
ZB-NR # 205735
Form/ Hair 9/8
Height/Length 62/63
VJP 69
HZP 220 Cheyenne Armbruster 228.5 ( 8th Place)

Grafin another German import who is a very nice hunting dog, I would say other than being consistent she is a very hard hunting female. Which because of her desire and will has proven to be a productive asset no matter what we are looking for. She is a big running female that adapts well to cover but also keeps a eye on me always hunting for me. I would say she is one of the hardiest hunting dogs that I own. On the other hand an absolute sweetheart with a good disposition around my kids and other dogs. She has tons of point and retrieve and loves the Water.  She is a very methodical traking dog really soaking up the track and showing desire and sureness on the track.  She has so far thrown dogs with tons of heart and beutiful dispositions.  I am very pleased with there talent overall desire and drive to retreive and and find game.


11 months old

Bosco vom Red-Rock
D.O.B.   17.08.2009
ZB-NR # 211403
FORM / HAIR :  10/12
VJP:  65
HZP: O/ 176

Bosco is a very majestic noble dog with eye catching look to him.  He is always gets lots of complements and coments on how he looks and how fun he is to watch hunt and hang with.  He is a bold dog in water and on land infact he will jump of any thing to get a retreive.  He always hunts hard and shows great manners behind game and is a very intense point dog.  He was a dog as a puppy I would take him across a track I laid for and older dog and he would always show great tracking ability from a very young age.  I am most excited about his coat its is very dense and extremly hard its is ovbiously short or medium length that lays down nicely but still has the big beutiful head and thick beard.  I feel this litter complemnets each other very well they bothe compliment each others strengths and weekness.  One mistake I believe I made is when i bred the litter Bosco came out of, I bred the litter really late in the year and he matured alittle slower which definatley didn't give him the opportunity to test to his full potential.  I am planning on VGP ing him next year now that he is matured.  And plan on doing very well.

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