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Mar 4, 2010

Due MAY 4th

Dame:   Grafin vom Bandorfer-Forst  x  Sire: Helmut vom Wasatch

Grafin vom Bandorfer-Forst
Grafin vom Bandorfer-Forst:
Color:               Brsch
DOB:                18.12.2007
ZB-NR #           205735
Form/ Hair        9/8
Height/Length  62/63
VJP                   69
HZP  220  Cheyenne Armbruster 228.5  ( 8th Place)

Grafin another German import who is a very nice hunting dog, I would say other than being consistent she is a very hard hunting female. Which because of her desire and will has proven to be a productive asset no matter what we are looking for.  She is a big running female that adapts well to cover but also keeps a eye on me always hunting for me. I would say she is one of the hardiest hunting dogs that I own.  On the other hand an absolute sweetheart with a good disposition around my kids and other dogs.  She has tons of point and retrieve and loves the Water.   

Sire:  Helmut vom Wasatch

Helmut vom Wasatch:
Color:                Schwsch 
DOB:                 04.07.2008
ZB-NR#            208128
Form/Coat         11/12
Height/Length     65/65
VJP                      71
HZP       210  Cheyenne Armbruster 221.5  ( 15 Place)
VGP       II /  272TF   (Completed at 14 months of Age)

Helmut is a dog that I have been watching excitedly since he was born.  He is a son of my stud dog Rex II vom Bockenhagen.  Helmut came from a litter with very tight dense coats with beautiful dispositions in fact there were a couple of 12 coats in this litter with some 11 as well.  Helmut has always been a looker,  he has been fun to watch grow up in to a very talented plus good looking Drahthar.   Helmuts sire was 15 months old when he completed the VGP and his mental stability at a young age with pure talent has been passed down. Helmut did better than that and completed it at 14 months old.  Helmut is a dog with a lot of search and is an exceptional bloodtracking dog.  I know his owner plans to do the 20 hour blood track this year.  His owner told me the harder he challenges him the better he does.  I have heard from a few people he has mastered the Chuckar hills, showing tons of manner behind game holding his birds until Chad gets to him.  I am very excited to see the pups he produces Helmuts mother line (vom Wasatch) is something else, I must not discount as contributor to this litter that should provide the balance of conformation and talent.  Which will tie into my future breeding goals.