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Sep 18, 2011

2011 VJP

Congratulations  C-Litter &  D-Litter  Dogs and Handlers
 left to right caddee, cali, cleo, cinder vom Red-Rock
Cinder vom Red-Rock   Handled by Kraig Berret  76
Cora vom Red-Rock                       Preston Dewolf  72
Cleo  vom Red-Rock                       Jon Davis     71
Cinder vom Red-Rock                     Jon Davis     70
Cassie vom Red-Rock                     Patrick Mcdonagh  68
Caddee vom Red-Rock                   Eric Albrechtsen    63

Daisey vom Red-Rock                   Jon Davis     67
Drake vom  Red-Rock                   Rob Loos     63

Congratulations to all those that have completed the VJP thus far: