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Dec 30, 2010

B-Litter Started Dog For Sale

STARTED FEMALE FOR SALE.            SOLD !!!                          Bristol is out of a talented litter her mother  and father are proven Drahthaars who tested out very nicely in the German  system.  Her father is a German  import and mother brought over from the east coast.  She is a fixed female and at this time is classified as a started female.  She has an excellent bird drive and has powerful search, cattails and bull rush don't stand a chance.  She has more heart than most finished dogs.  She has had birds shot over her and shows natural retrieve and strong pointing instincts.  she is almost finished being whoa broke and is easy to handle. She has a sweet disposition and is very easy to train, she has a little beard and has nice short dense and flat lying coat.  She is 16 months old.  we are asking 1800.00.     Sold !!!