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Mar 18, 2011

E-LITTER Whelped April 5th   6 females 4 Male
Dame: Greta v. Erthal   
Sire: Rex II vom Bockenhagen

Greta v.Erthal is a talented dog from Germany. She has a very strong pointing instinct and has always naturally honored. She has been one of my top guiding dogs used for upland game since she was 9 months old. I use her 3 to 4 days a week, 7 months a year. She is explosive in the water and on the field, with a medium range search. Greta is very methodical while on track, proving very useful in recovering game. She has a very sweet disposition which makes her a great companion on and off the field.  She is the only dog at my kennel that is a permanent house pet as well.  The others come in occasionally on rotation her disposition with the kids and wife has won her the spot permanently.
Height/Length: 59/60
Form/Coat: 9/11
VJP: 72
HZP: 183

Sire of E- Litter
Rex II vom Bockenhagen

 Rex II vom Bockenhagen 
Is all natural with a lot of talent he has tons of heart you can ask him to do anything and he will do it with 110% all the time.  He was easy to train I took him to the VGP at 15 months old with only 5 months of training.  He has produced very solid puppies that have all had really nice coats in fact some have received 12 in coats.  He is my go to dog I take him every where I go and hunt.  I have trained and owned many dogs over the years and Rex is in my top 5 ever.  His search is very strong with a really good nose he swims as good as he runs.  He is hard to beat to any retrieve.  I have chosen him cause I wanted to infuse some of his blood lines into this litter because he throws the natural ability, keen mental stability, and strong bid ability  that I am looking I am looking for. 

REX II vom Bockenhagen
color----------------- Schwsch
VGP----------------------265 III @ 15months old