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Sep 18, 2009

B-LITTER Whelped August 18th

Dame of B-Litter

Janka vom Fuchsfluesschen
( a.k.a. Jackie)
DOB: 24.05.06
ZUCH: 201057
COLOR: Brsch
ZR#: 168/06
SIZE: 60/61
VJP: 68
HZP: 166

Free of bleeding disorder
HD- Frei

Jackie is just pure natural and has had a successful litter with tons of talent. She is very competent in all aspects of the hunt. Water, tracking, field work, and retrieve drive is very strong. Blood Tracking Awesome!

Sire of B-Litter

EXEL vom Erthal

DOB: 23.04.06
ZUCH.: 200623
COLOR: Brsch
ZR #: 059/06
COAT/CONF: 11/11
SIZE: 66/66
VJP: 75
HZP: 190/225 Hegewald
VGP: 307 Prize I

DNA tested free of bleeding disorder
Hd- Frei

Exel is a very handsome stud dog, he has a lot of point and natural ability. He has thrown himself in all his puppies. I have researched this German import and see him as my best choice for my breeding goals.